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7" Celebration Cake

Product Details
Our 7" single layer Celebration Cakes are iced with cream cheese frosting. The middle layer of the cakes are filled with cream cheese frosting. All of our Celebration Cakes are designed and made the same, adorable and delicious. Ask us about our cake toppers and beeswax candles.

Available in 5 flavors:

Almond | Cream Cheese Frosting
This is a traditional almond cake with a light texture. This is our most popular flavor for every occasion.

Beaufort Hummingbird | Cream Cheese Frosting
This Southern cake flavor is a moist and yummy blend of bananas, pineapple and pecans.

Carrot| Cream Cheese Frosting
A moist and spicy blend of cinnamon, carrots and pecans. (Hold the raisins.)

Chocolate | Cream Cheese Frosting
A true chocolate cake for the chocolate lover.

Confetti | Cream Cheese Frosting
This is a light textured confetti vanilla cake for those who like it old fashioned.

Can I choose a different type of frosting.
Sorry no. All of the Celebration Cakes only come with cream cheese frosting.

Nuts: Carrot cake and Beaufort Hummingbird cake contain pecans. The rest of the cakes do not contain nuts. However, we feel it's important to note Ashley Bakery does bake in a tree or in nut free facility.

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